It Takes a Village

Teachers are on the front lines every single day in our quest for an educated, compassionate and skilled society. With ever-dwindling resources and a quickly advancing future, they go above and beyond, doing their part to ensure the success of America.

Visions of a Middle Aged Idealist

I envision a world in which neighbors take care of neighbors. I envision communities in which children are raised by their village that is invested in their success because it is their own. I envision an educated, resilient and self sufficient citizenry. I envision We, the People working in tandem with our government. I envision an affordable life of fulfilling experiences.

Stepping Stones

I have spent a life time in love with the written word. The freedom, the fantasy! I read before bed. I read on the bus. I read walking around town. I read books, newspapers, magazines, online articles, statutory code, scientific studies, census data...whatever moves me. I've been writing since 2nd grade when I tapped out... Continue Reading →

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