Stepping Stones

I have spent a life time in love with the written word. The freedom, the fantasy!

I read before bed. I read on the bus. I read walking around town. I read books, newspapers, magazines, online articles, statutory code, scientific studies, census data…whatever moves me.

I’ve been writing since 2nd grade when I tapped out a family newspaper on my mother’s old time typewriter, chalk full of news, weather and sports. I wrote copy for the school newspaper and contributed to the yearbook.

I am a published poet (and my feet know it, they are LONG FELLOWS), a greeting card writer and have submitted more letters to the editor that HAVE NOT been published than those that have been run. I journal my butt off and dabble in screenwriting.

I hope to meet Stephen King someday!

I rattle this off more to convince myself that I CAN communicate through writing than to provide you with my menu of my accomplishments.

My interests are endless, but all tied to one thing…living a good life based on principals. I seek solutions all day, every day, not just figuring out what I can do, but what WE can do!

I (hope to)(want to)(will) use this forum to provide resources, stepping stones if you will, to a brighter future. To initiate action. To touch a soul. To live a dream.

Are you up for the ride?

Everything we do is a stepping stone to our future.     — Emma Gonzalez


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