WTF Just Happened?

I’ve been battling information overload for the past few weeks; it hindered me from posting anything last week and continues to skewer me like a kabob. On top of my own family and personal responsibilities, the world wide drama and constantly shifting societal norms seems to grow leaps and bounds with every waking moment.

Just in the past two weeks:

  1. Kids and teachers shot and killed in another school shooting in Texas;
  2. The world goes gaga over British Prince and Hollywood darling’s nuptials;
  3. Fridge goes on the fritz, forcing bi-daily wipe downs;
  4. National leaders prep for major summit with long time world threat;
  5. Youngest child gets into major spat with BFF, vowing to never speak to him again;
  6. Major industries lay off hundreds of workers while stockholders and executives serve champagne at their holiday cookouts;
  7. Georgia Democrats made Stacey Abrams the first black female to become a major party candidate for governor in our country’s history, I repeat….in our country’s history;
  8. Put up camper in preparation for holiday festivities only to find holes (gnawed)(worn)(torn) through the canvas, dashing hopes and dreams;
  9. Youngest child makes up with BFF one week after incident ;
  10. Major summit with long time world threat is cancelled via ‘Dear John’ letter;
  11. Both the judiciary system and the court of public opinion are up to bat after major movie mogul charged with myriad of sex crimes and beloved Hollywood icon accused of being a creepy horndog on the job;
  12. Squabble ensues between BFF and youngest child, who vows never to speak to BFF again;
  13. The Washington Capitals actually make it to a Stanley Cup Championship only to face the expansion team of all expansion teams, the Las Vegas Knights;
  14. Major summit with long time world threat might be back on, we’ll have to stay tuned after a word from our sponsor.

Holy Mary, mother of Mercy! How does anyone who wants to be even the slightest bit informed and on top of life in this day and age make it  without ADHD? I mean, our minds have to be going a mile a minute just to digest all the muck and madness being thrown at us on the reg from every which way, including loose.

It’s no wonder attention spans are on the decline and direct human contact is going out of style quicker than fidget spinners. Shit is flying at us with at the speed of light. I totally understand why some people check out of certain forums…they’re trying to STAY SANE!

For me, the RHCP sum it up in a nutshell: “Insanity, it seems, has got me by my soul to squeeze.” As such, I keep on sucking up as much of the muck as I can, try to make sense of it with whatever information I can find on the topics I determine important, sharing as much fact based research as I can on a subject to help those who just can’t do it anymore get some answers on what they determine they absolutely need to know.

Society is going through a growth spurt and navigating it with my middle aged mindset is challenging to say the least. I relate to the meme I saw going around this week “I’m *THIS CLOSE* to calling young people whippersnappers.”

Then I remember that when I was growing up in the 80’s: the outbreak of new and deadly STD’s, the crack epidemic, the advent of drive-by shootings, the term ‘going postal’ was coined and the PMRC fought heavy metal music for promoting violence and immoral behavior in young people.

Everything that is old is new again!

Stay strong, amigos!



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